Half Yearly Exams are fast Approaching

All school children should know really well that studying is important because it will help them in their future life. They should know that it helps them in every step in life and from it depends what they wish to do in the future. At school we stress the importance of studying a bit every day so that we avoid the rush of having to study a lot and maybe memorize things just before the exams.

Here you can find the timetable for the forthcoming Half Yearly Exams – February 2015 …. study and try your very best!

Half Yearly Exams 2015

Year 4 and 5

Year 6

Friday 6th February


Monday 9th February



Tuesday 10th February

Feast of Saint Paul – No School

Wednesday 11th February

Maltese and English Listening


Thursday 12th February

Social Studies

Social Studies

Bird of the Month – The Spoonbill

The Spoonbill – Il-Paletta

In Maltese this bird is called Paletta. This bird is almost unmistakable. It is all white except for its dark legs, black bill with a yellow tip, and a yellow breast patch just like a pelican. It has a crest during the breeding season. The Spoonbills, as their name suggests, have large, flat bills that look like spoons.  They feed by wading through shallow water, sweeping the partly-opened bill from side to side. The moment any small water creature, such as an insect or a tiny fish, touches the inside of the bill, it is snapped shut. The Eurasian Spoonbill is seen in muddy and  watery areas with some open shallow water, nesting in colonies on trees or in reedbeds. Spoonbills are rare birds and they can be seen in small numbers between March and May. Sometimes they also visit us in September or October. The most common areas are the Ghadira and the Simar Nature Reserves.

Hello March … is here!

March is an in between month,

When wintry winds are high.

But milder days remind us all,

Spring’s coming by and by.

The month of March is here. Although it is still Winter,  the days are much better than they were in January and February.  The sun stays longer in the sky and soon it will be Spring. Oh! Isn’t that good news?  Spring is such a lovely time of the year. Flowers and trees start to bloom again and the countryside gets all decked up in all shades of green and many other colours. The month of March is named after the Roman god Mars, the god of war. Mars was the son of Jupiter and Juno, the king and queen of all the gods. Mars was tall and handsome, and mean and self-centered. It is the third month of the year and it has 31 days.  Many important festivities are held during this month. There is the feast of Saint Patrick on the 17th, the feast of Saint Joseph on the 19th and the feast of the Annunciation on the 25th. At school we shall have, amongst other events, the mini bicycle marathon, Parents’ Day and the Book Fair. Then it will be time for Easter – the greatest feast of all.

Żjara f’Radju RTK 103FM – It-Tnejn 23 ta’ Frar 2015

Din iż-żjara kienet esperjenza li mhux ser ninsew qatt. Wara l-iskola morna mal-għalliema tagħna Ms Brenda sabiex nieħdu sehem fi programm tat-tfal li jixxandar kull nhar ta’ Ħadd fis-siegħa ta’ wara nofs in-nhar. Il-preżentatriċi Ms Josephine Ebejer Grech laqatna bi tbissima ħelwa. Għamilna siegħa fil-programm. Ms Brenda tkellmet u spjegat dwar l-EkoSkola u dwar dak kollu li nagħmlu fl-iskola tagħna. Aħna tkellimna dwar dan ukoll. F’nofs il-programm ħadna sehem fi tlett logħbiet differenti. L-ewwel logħba kien jisimha ‘Kemm Tiftakar’, ‘Il-Logħba tal-ABĊ’ u ‘Agħżel it-Tajba’.

Vera ħadna gost nipparteċipaw bejnietna u tgħallimna ħafna affarijiet ġodda wkoll. Talli ħadna sehem f’dan il-programm tawna żewġ kotba kull wieħed bil-Malti. Kienet esperjenza sabiħa ħafna u li mhux ser ninsew. Inħeġġu lil kulħadd sabiex jisma’ dan il-programm nhar il-Ħadd l-1 ta’ Marzu fis-siegħa ta’ wara nofs in-nhar fuq radju RTK 103FM.

Agħfas fuq ir-ritratt biex tara l-esperjenza tagħna fuq Radju RTK

Haylee Mangion u Jael Dalli
(Membri tal-EkoSkola)
Studenti tal-5 sena

Sehemna fil-Maratona bir-Roti

Hurray! Hurray! It’s Carnival Time Once Again!

It’s that special time of the year again….Carnival!  Carnival at school is an enjoyable event to which we all look forward.  We all like to put on our costumes and take part in the activities and parties that are organized.  The carnival celebration is a time to let our hair down and go with the flow – perfect for those who enjoy a good party, even at our school!

February brings along the colourful celebration of Carnival, which takes on the traditional pattern of multi-coloured papier mache floats in Valletta and Floriana, King Carnival, masked balls, children running around in fancy costumes, merry band marches, delicious prinjolata and mouth watering perlini. Then there are other nightlife carnivals, such as the famous one in Nadur, catching the late night carnival goers who pile into the streets and squares still wearing their outrageous outfits. The heart of the action takes place in Valletta and Floriana, though various towns and villages across the Island have their own versions of the festivities. Carnival has had an important place on the Maltese cultural calendar for just under five centuries, having been introduced to the Islands by Grand Master Piero de Ponte in 1535.