Mary Help of Christians – This is a Year Dedicated to You

As we are all starting a new scholastic year, it is our wish to place this year under the special patronage of Holy Mary, the Help of Christians. During many historical episodes, Our Lady Help of Christians always saved people from suffering and hardship. One can mention the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 and the historic battle of Lepanto which happened in 1571. Both these battles were won by the holy intercession of Our Lady. Whenever we ask the Blessed Virgin for a special favour, we are sure to get what we ask for as long as it is for our own good.

Let us all pray so that during this scholastic year we shall all grow in our love towards God and in our love towards each other. Let us all help each other and make the coming months a memorable experience of love, joy and peace. Whenever we look at the beautiful picture of Mary Help of Christians, which is hanging on the wall in one of our school corridors, let us all remember that she is always ready to guide us and to help us in all our troubles. May the holy Mother be with us all the time.

All on board – Get Involved!

A number of activities are being organised for all parents/legal guardians.  Some activities are meetings at school, others are fun activities outside the school premises.  Some activities also include outings with your own children so do get involved and participate in these activities.  Children love seeing their relatives at school and enjoy spending time with their loved ones.  So invest in your children’s happiness and we hope to see you on board!

Click here for the Program of Activities for the First Term

First activity scheduled for Tuesday the 9th September: Hop-on Hop-off by Night.  Please contact Ms Lucienne Piscopo for more information :)

Breakfast Club Applications are out!

For all those parents/legal guardians that work and would like to subscribe their children in the Breakfast Club for 2014-2015 please note that the application for Breakfast Club for Scholastic Year 2014-2015 are being received online through this link:

School Council on the Go! Go Zumba!

Interesting Activities for all Parents and Friends.

As part of the forthcoming  activities that are scheduled for all Parents and friends, our School Council is organizing Zumba sessions twice a week. These sessions are going to be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11.00. The first session is scheduled for Monday 15th September 2014. Thanks to the Floriana Local Council, the sessions will be held at the Local Council Hall, 15 Emmanuel Tonna Square, Floriana. Anyone who would like to join in is kindly asked to contact either the school or Ms. Lucienne Piscopo.

So, come on, join the fun and fitness classes and shake, shake and shrink!


Annual examinations and End of Year 6 examination results will be posted on Monday 7th July. Those students who worked hard during the year and studied for their exams will be getting good results. Some others are going to be disappointed! Whilst I congratulate those who will be getting good results, I reprimand those who spent most of the time taking school for granted.  As the proverb goes: You Reap what you Sow.

I wish to remind all the students that enjoying summer does not mean that all the day is spent doing nothing. The key to academic success is reading. So read a bit every day, there are so many interesting books around.

I also wish to remind some parents that there are still a number of students who did not return the school books. If these books are not returned to school, there will not be enough books to go around next September. Parents and students are to be responsible enough to return these books as soon as possible. These books are public property after all.

School will reopen on Monday 22nd September for the Primary classes and on Wednesday 1st October for the Kinder classes. A school circular will be sent by post at the beginning of September. Meanwhile please visit our website regularly for news and info.

Thanks and regards to all.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School