School Celebration 2016

Preparations are in full swing for our School Celebration 2016!  This time we are going back to the traditional nativity play – but the story was given a twist so that the audience will remain transfixed.  The main character is a sweet little donkey and his pride for having been chosen to carry the holy mother on her way to Betlehem and his vision of the future when Jesus will, once again, choose this humble means of transport for his entry into Jerusalem!  This time besides the usual characters, we shall be having little mice, twinkling stars, cute angels and exploding gifts all dancing happily to the bluttering beat of the Baa Band!  The usual funny moments involving other members of the staff will not be given a miss!  All parents and guardians are kindly asked to keep the 16th of December free so that they all will be able to join us in this joyful annual celebration – starting at 11.00.  The School Administration will then give out prizes to the students who distinguished themselves in various aspects of the school life.

Beep, beep! We’re learning about Transport!

During this month, Ms. Chantel’s class explored some of the very important objects around us, which are, the different means of transport. Through this topic, the children went on a learning journey and gained knowledge about the different types of transport (land transport, air transport and sea transport). Including also, their importance in our life and certain signs which one must follow and make use of, such as, the zebra crossing and the traffic lights. Furthermore, the children made various crafts and also made edible traffic lights as can be seen in the photos.

Promoting books and a love of reading

At Floriana Primary we strive to foster a love of reading from an early age. We believe that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body, and so in collaboration with the Floriana local council, the year 1 pupils took part in an activity where each student was presented with a pair of interesting and attractive books. The children took an active part in the activity and felt lucky to be the ones who will be receiving this gift. A special thanks goes to the Floriana local council for supporting the school and for making this activity possible.

Theresa Muscat

Laqgħa għall-ġenitur/ kustodji mill-għalliema tal-PSCD

Illum 7 ta’ Novembru 2016, saret laqgħa għall-ġenitur/gwardjani tat-tfal li qegħdin fit-tielet u r-raba’ sena . L-għan ta’ din il-laqgħa kien li nintroduċu s-suġġett tal-PSCD fit-tielet sena. Fost it-topiks li se jiġu mgħallma hemm:

  • Group Building
  • Myself
  • Teamwork
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Communication
  • How I feel
  • Friends
  • Trust
  • Sharing and Ownership
  • Bullying
  • My Special People
  • Safe People, Safe Places
  • Internet Safety (BeSmart Online)
  • Diversity
  • Pupils’ Council

Fil-waqt li l-laqgħa għall-ġenitur li qegħdin fir-raba’ sena kienet dwar l-edukazzjoni sesswali. Dan it-topik jiġi mgħallem lit-tfal lejn l-aħħar tat-tielet term fejn se ikollhom informazzjoni eżatta dwar is-suġġett mingħand għalliema professjonali. Permezz ta’ dawn il-lezzjonijiet, it-tfal iħossuhom ippreparati għall-bidliet fiżiċi u emozzjonali li jridu jgħaddu minnhom.

L-attendenza tal-ġenituri/kustodji kienet ta 40% tat-tfal tat-tielet sena u 77% tat-tfal tar-raba’ sena.

Graziella Vella
Maria Falzon

Għalliema tal-PSCD

Code Week fil-Furjana

L-iskola tagħna ħadet sehem f’Code Week fejn it-tfal ta’ etajiet differenti hadu sehem f’attivitajiet relatati ma’ dan is-suġġett flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom u bl-għajnuna tas-support teacher is-Sir Antoine Grech.  Agħfas hawn sabiex taraw ftit it-tfal tagħna waqt li qed imeddu idejhom għax-xogħol u jitgħalmu fl-istess ħin