Annual examinations and End of Year 6 examination results will be posted on Monday 7th July. Those students who worked hard during the year and studied for their exams will be getting good results. Some others are going to be disappointed! Whilst I congratulate those who will be getting good results, I reprimand those who spent most of the time taking school for granted.  As the proverb goes: You Reap what you Sow.

I wish to remind all the students that enjoying summer does not mean that all the day is spent doing nothing. The key to academic success is reading. So read a bit every day, there are so many interesting books around.

I also wish to remind some parents that there are still a number of students who did not return the school books. If these books are not returned to school, there will not be enough books to go around next September. Parents and students are to be responsible enough to return these books as soon as possible. These books are public property after all.

School will reopen on Monday 22nd September for the Primary classes and on Wednesday 1st October for the Kinder classes. A school circular will be sent by post at the beginning of September. Meanwhile please visit our website regularly for news and info.

Thanks and regards to all.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School

IMNARJA – the feast of light

On the 29th of June we celebrate the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. They are both considered to be very important saints and Princes of the Church. It is beleived that they met in Jerusalem, some years after Jesus’  resurrection and spent some days together. Saint Peter was one of the twelve apostles and Jesus had chosen him to become the first leader of the Church – the first Pope. Saint Paul was not one of the twelve apostles but he travelled a lot and spread the story of Jesus wherever he went. Saint Paul came to Malta in the year 60 AD when he was on his way to Rome where he was beheaded.

In Malta this feast is called l-Imnarja. The word Imnarja derives from Luminaria, which means light. In the olden days they used to decorate the Mdina Cathedral and the surrounding bastions with fire torches and other lights. Apart from the festivities at Mdina and Nadur, there are various folkloristic activities, such as folk singing, dancing and traditional food, which are held at Rabat and Buskett.

xxxxxxxxxx Saint Peter and Saint Paul xxxxxxxxxx


29 th June

Uniformijiet għas-sena 2014-2015

Nixtiequ nfakkru lill-ġenituri li hemm dati speċifici ta’ meta tistgħu tmorru tixtru l-uniformi tal-Kulleġġ San Ġorġ Preca għall-kumdita’ tagħkom mill-iskola Sekondarja tal-Bniet (Ex Maria Assumpta).  Din l-informazzjoni ingħatat lilkom permezz ta’ ċirkolari li ntbagħtet mat-tfal.  Mehmuża hawnhekk tistgħu taċċessaw din l-istess informazzjoni: Cirkulari dwar l-Uniformi.    Araw iċ-ċirkolari għal aktar informazzjoni.

Stampi li juru fiex tikkonsisti l-uniformi:
Uniformi tal-Kindergarten
Uniformi Primarja Subien
Uniformi Primarja Bniet
P.E. Kit tal-Primarja

Dinja Waħda – June Newsletter

The Dinja Waħda Newsletter for the month of June is out.  This can be viewed  here.

We are in the process of collecting all the material that has been carried out during this scholastic year.  And while we congratulate all those that gave their share in this learning process we are looking forward to work further in this educational project.

Year 6s Farewell

The day has come for all of us to bid farewell to the year 6 class. Their adventures and misadventures at our school are now over and they will soon be off to seek new pastures. One hopes that their future will bring them success, peace, health and happiness.  We wish them all success in their secondary schools.

Ms Miriam Chetcuti together with the class LSAs Ms Josianne Magri and Ms Janette Said coordinated a Farewell Assembly that was viewed by one and all this morning 20th June 2014 in the School Hall. The song Hey Brother by Avici was chosen and a brilliantly choreography saw the Year 6 dance on stage animating the song.  Following the song Robert Saillard read out a poem wishing for a brilliant future for all.