Making reading a hobby – Tip 05

Get comfortable!


Snuggle up somewhere warm and cosy with your child, either in bed, on a big cushion or on the sofa, or make sure they have somewhere comfy when reading alone.


Inħobbu l-kotba

Il-Ġimgħa 24 t’Ottubru 2014 l-istudenti tas-Sitt Sena flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom Ms Miriam u Ms Josianne tellgħu żifna bħala parti mill-assembly.  Quddiem sala mimlija tfal mill-Kinder sal-Year 5 u numru sabiħ ta’ ġenituri t-tfal tas-Sitt Sena żifnu ma’ kanzunetta fuq bażi rap.  Id-diska kellha tagħlima fiha nfisha wkoll – l-imħabba lejn il-kotba u l-qari, fil-fatt it-tfal żifnu b’kotba f’idejhom.  Aħna lkoll ħadna gost naraw it-tfal jizfnu u ta’ min jgħid li nieħdu gost ferm aktar meta naraw tfal jaqraw u l-imħabba lejn il-ktieb dejjem tiżdied!

Video tad-diska minn fuq YouTube
Dokument li fih il-passi li fuqhom żifnu it-tfal

Music is in the air

Without any doubt, children who learn music and study a musical instrument are more likely to perform better in their studies, work better in teams, learn how to think critically, stay in schools longer and seek further education.

This year we are setting an intense music awareness programme in conjunction with the local Vilhena Band Club. All school children are being encouraged to start attending music lessons so that they will be able to start playing a musical instrument of their choice. Brass bands usually include brass, woodwind and percussion sections. So come on! Choose the instrument you like most and start learning! It is so much fun. A special  awareness session is going to take place on Tuesday 28th October at 11.00. Mro. Heathcliff Balzan and Mr. Chris Vella, together with some bandsmen are going to be ther in order to explain the wonderful world of music and its benefits. Parents are cordially invited to attend.

Promoting Books as Friends

As part of our action plans to promote reading, during this scholastic year it was decided to start giving a Reader of the Month Award. All learners are encouraged to borrow books from the scool library and read as much as possible. For October 2014 Kayleigh Henderson was chosen to get this prize. Kayleigh is in Year 6 and she borrows more than one book at a time. Well done Kayleigh, keep it up. It is hoped that others follow pursuit and start enjoying books. The School Administration is willing to give up to six books a month as long as this matter is taken seriously.

Apart from this Ms. Davina Sammut Hili, a Local Council member and our School Council President visited our Year 1 class and gave books to all the learners as a start of year present. Now it has become customery for the Year 1s to receive books as gifts from the Floriana Local Council. This is another good practice that is helping to encourage learners to read more. A big thank you to the Floriana Local Council.

Dinja Waħda October Newsletter

The Dinja Waħda Newletter for the month of October is out and you can view it here.  This newsletter features information about the new Action Guide for participating schools together with information about the Awards and Launch Event which is going to be held on Wednesday 19th November 2014.  This is surely one event that SGPC Floriana Primary would not want to miss!

May scholastic year 2014-15 be a fruitful one with loads of fun-filled learning activities that see us working on raising awareness about our beautiful planet and work together as a “Dinja Waħda”!