Daily Archive for December 6th, 2013

Cake, cake and more cake!

Who does not love cakes? Cakes are one of the best form of dessert and they always bring a smile on our faces! The Students’ Council at our school wanted to raise some funds in order to help in the replacement of all water taps. Unfortunately the press taps which were bought a couple of years back were not functioning well and needed to be changed. It was decided to have a sale of mouth watering cake slices. So it was decided that on the 6th December 2013, all the members of staff joined forces and voluntarily provided the delicious cakes. We had chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, marble cakes, baci cakes, fruit cakes and much more. Some teachers cut the cakes into thick slices and then we all got a slice of cake for a very cheap price. The cakes were so good that in no time, the stall in the school foyer was left empty and every slice was gone. The members of the Students’ Council were very proud that this activity was a huge success. New water taps were bought for all sinks and were immediately put in place.  A big thank you to all the teachers and LSAs, that made this fund-raising activity possible!

Jolly Old Saint Nick!

Just as the rhyme goes:

“His eyes – how they twinkle,

His dimples so merry!

His cheeks were like roses,

His nose like a cherry!”


Nicholas was a bishop in the city of Myra. He was a holy man who remained popular for his outstanding generosity, especially with children. He gave out his wealth to those in need. He was proclaimed a saint soon after his death and since then he has become one of the most popular saints ever. Nowadays we often see him dressed in his red suit, riding his magical sleigh and delivering gifts and toys to children all over the world.  Most people refer to him as Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

His feast day is the 6th of December. May we all try to be generous with each other. Generosity does not always cost money…it is enough to be generous with smiles and by being kind.