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Pupils of the Month – December 2013

Well done, well done,

You deserve our praises!

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.

Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal!

The learners who were rewarded during December 2013 are:

YEAR 1  Garrett Cassar

YEAR 2  Naomi Cutajar

YEAR 3  Sven Camilleri

YEAR 4  Sami Garad Abdul Kader

YEAR 5  Halen Grima

YEAR 6  Alexander Debono

Christmas is here!

It’s Christmas time in Ms Anna’s class and the children worked very hard just like little elves.  Have a look at what they have created with the help of their teacher.  It’s all about stars, bows, bells, Christmas trees, presents, reindeers, candles, robins, hats, bags and most importantly the Nativity Crib.  Can you spot them all?

xx xx

Christmas is in the air!

Ms Audrey’s children enjoyed preparing Christmas crafts to take home with them and share them with their family. Most of them were made out of recycled material. They prepared a Christmas tree out of recycled toilet rolls and used up decorations.  A Christmas card was made out of carton plates, while a crib was created with recycled ice cream sticks.  Other crafts like Rudolf the Reindeer, a Santa’s hat and a Christmas Star embellished with wadding were worked on recycled cereal boxes.

xxxx xxxx

The 8th of December – The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

This is one of the most important feasts of Our Lady. God loves us so much that he wanted his own Son to come down from heaven and live amongst us. In order to do so Jesus needed a mother. The chosen woman had to be a very special person, completely without any sin. Mary of Nazareth was the lucky one. This feast reminds us that Mary was without sin from the very first moments of her life. This is a  unique privilege that only belongs to Mary of Nazareth.

Let us all praise our holy mother and pray so that she helps us in all our difficulties and dangers.  The statue of Our Lady in our school yard is there to remind everyone about our duty to honour and love Holy Mary.

Cake, cake and more cake!

Who does not love cakes? Cakes are one of the best form of dessert and they always bring a smile on our faces! The Students’ Council at our school wanted to raise some funds in order to help in the replacement of all water taps. Unfortunately the press taps which were bought a couple of years back were not functioning well and needed to be changed. It was decided to have a sale of mouth watering cake slices. So it was decided that on the 6th December 2013, all the members of staff joined forces and voluntarily provided the delicious cakes. We had chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, marble cakes, baci cakes, fruit cakes and much more. Some teachers cut the cakes into thick slices and then we all got a slice of cake for a very cheap price. The cakes were so good that in no time, the stall in the school foyer was left empty and every slice was gone. The members of the Students’ Council were very proud that this activity was a huge success. New water taps were bought for all sinks and were immediately put in place.  A big thank you to all the teachers and LSAs, that made this fund-raising activity possible!