Well Deserved Holidays!

Christmas is finally here. It is time to remember and celebrate God’s love towards humanity. He sent his only Son to help us regain salvation. Christmas is God’s way of saying, “I love you!” May we all live in peace and respect one another so that the world we live in will surely be a better place.

At our school the first term was full of activities that all helped us to learn more. Troubles and tribulations were not at a miss as well.

Now is the time to put everything behind our backs and relax and enjoy ourselves. May the holiday season bring about joy and peace in all our hearts. Have a great time!

See you again in 2014, remember school starts again on Tuesday the 7th January 2014!

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  • May Christmas bring you all peace and happiness. May the New Year be a good one for everybody. A big thank you to all the members of my Staff, the Students and their parents for all the kind wishes and greetings.

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