Daily Archive for February 13th, 2014

Trees on the Increase?! – a K2 experience

On Thursday 13th February the Kindregaretn 2 classes went on an educational outing at Xrobb l-Għaġin Park. We  were helped  and shown how to plant seeds in pots and also went for short walks in the beautiful country side of Xrobb l-Għaġin.  The children enjoyed the great views. It was truely a lovely expirience.  This activity is organised by Nature Trust Malta and forms part of the “Trees on the Increase?!” Project.

Click on the photo below for snapshots of this activity!

Creative works of art

Creative work sparks the pupil’s interest which helps them concentrate and learn. We give the children many occasions to learn by doing. They have fun and feel fulfilled. In return we enjoy seeing progress in their education.

During this art session, the children were free about the choice of subject while they had to focus on paintbrush techniques and defined contours. It is a task that does not only inspire their creativity but also trains their abilities to focus on their work and solve problems, skills that are put to good use in all other learning areas.