Daily Archive for February 21st, 2014

Rain rain go away … rainbow is here!

Friday 21st February saw the Year 3 class on stage. A sweet assembly was put up by the children with the help of Ms Rita Aquilina the class teacher together with Ms Maria and Ms Marouska the class LSAs.  The topic chosen related to the weather we were having over the last days.  The children represented the different colours of the rainbow and linked the colours to different fruits.  The pupils sang two songs related to the rain and the rainbow and we all applauded them and hoped for a nice sunny weekend! :)

Resources used:

Rain, Rain Go Away – video from YouTube

The Rainbow Song – video from YouTube

Toys, toys and more toys!

On Friday the 21st of February, the Year 1 class had to prepare their special assembly. One of the topics covered in the Year 1 was the topic of toys. The children really liked this topic and in fact, they all knew the names of various toys, both in Maltese and in English. So, they all had fun doing their special assembly related to toys. The children had the opportunity to bring their own toys from home. They all had different toys, such as dolls, trains, cars, planes and guitars. Using their own toys, the children sang two different songs and they concluded their assembly by dancing a song shown in the film ‘Toy Story’. They all showed what they have learnt and at the same time had fun!

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