Launch of Maratona bir-Roti 2014

5th February 2014 a special day for all schools within San Ġorġ Preca College.  Today was marked in our school calendar as the Launch of the Maratona bir-Roti 2014 event. Our school participated in the launch with the pupils from the Year 1, 2 and 3 classes.  We were asked to be present at Pjazza San Ġorġ, Valletta.  To commemorate the day all pupils that attended the event wore a crown on their head with a red heart, as did all the accompanying adults.  Everyone had fun and the event was a successful one … a big well done to all those involved in the organisation.

We truly showed that we are one heart … the beat of one college … which we are truly proud to form part of!

For more information about this event you may follow it on the Maratona bir-Roti Facebook page and why not hit Like to promote this good cause!

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