Down Memory Lane – H.G. Archbishop’s Pastoral Visit

As part of the Archbishop’s Pastoral Visit to Floriana, which was held in March 2009, H.G. Archbishop Paul Cremona wished to spend some time at our school.  Everybody got really involved in this matter and we all greeting the Archbishop exuberantly and wholeheartedly.  The Archbishop had spent about 4 hours with us and he really enjoyed himself watching the concert that we had prepared. He found time to go round all the classes and even had time to meet the parents, the school administration and the members of staff. As a parting celebration we all gathered in the school yard were the year 6 class, all dressed up in animal costumes, danced to a jungle theme. Then we all recited the Our Father together. The Archbishop left our school with a broad smile on his face and a car load of beautiful cards, handmade crafts and other gifts.  Our school is surely a small one but when it comes to celebrations we leave no stone unturned!

If you were at school on that day have a look at this video you could feature in it too and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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  • What dear memories!!! I surely remember such an important day! We all had worked together to make the Archbishop’s visit to our school a memorable one.

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