Daily Archive for November 1st, 2014

Let’s Welcome November!

November is the 11th month of the year and has 30 days.  Very often we think of November as a dark and somber month as it signals the start of the cold and rainy days. We have to prepare and get ready for Winter which starts pretty soon. However, here in Malta November does bring about some fine sunny days as well. They are commonly known as Is-Sajf ta’ San Martin.  Saint Martin’s feast day is traditionally celebrated in Bahrija and children get the Borza ta’ San Martin – a bag full of sweets, fruits and nuts. November starts with the feast of All Saints and on the 2nd of the month we commemorate All Souls Day. Other well known feasts are the feasts os Saint Catherine, Saint Andrew and Christ the King. On the 11th of November we all remember Poppy Day in remembrance of all the brave people who died during the wars. The War Memorial is situated in Floriana and every year a special activity is held there and poppy wreaths are placed at the foot of the monument. World Children’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of November.

All Saints’ Day or Halloween?

The first day of November marks the feast day of all the saints. It is meant to remind us of all the persons who died and are now in heaven. They are all saints, just like the popular saints whom we know and love so much! All the people who spend their lives in a good way and keep Jesus always in their hearts go to heaven when they die. Even though we do not see them in holy pictures and we do not have statues of them in our churches, they are all first grade saints like any other saint we know! They are all in heaven and we can pray them for help in all our difficulties.

So, what is halloween’s tie with all this?  Halloween means All Hallows’ Eve, literally the day before All Hallows’ Feast. Hallows means Holy Ones, referring to the saints in heaven. We just use witches, ghosts, pumpkins, cats and bats for the fun of it! Our halloween has nothing to do with not beleiving in Jesus!  There are no evil spirits involved in our halloween – we know that the spirits of our departed relatives and friends are always ready to protect us from all harm.