Daily Archive for November 2nd, 2014

Bird of the Month – The Honey Buzzard

The Honey Buzzard – Astun Aħmar

This is a big long winged bird with a small head and a rather long tail with three dark bands. It has variable plumage patterns. The male has a grey head, Female has a brownish head. The Honey Buzzard migrates in flocks and is usually seen in the afternoons. They spend their winter in Africa.  Like many other birds of prey, the honey buzzard finds it difficult to fly over open sea so they prefer to soar on rising air which occurs on land therefore their migratory routes concentrate over short sea crossings like Malta. It likes eating honey, wasps, bees, ants and other insects. It is a common Autumn migrant and can be seen in September till October. Mainly seen in the afternoon in flocks flying over Buskett and occasionally roost in wooded areas and other undisturbed land. On a good day with favorable winds, numbers can reach to over 500 individuals.