Daily Archive for November 12th, 2014

Parents’ Evening – 19th November

All parents are invited to come to school and discuss their children’s progress with the teachers. The school door opens at 4.30 pm. and parents are kindly asked to adhere to the given appointments so that the activity will be over by 6.30 pm. The Kindergarten 1 Assistants will be addressing the parents as a whole at 5.00 pm. All the others, Kinder 2 up to year 6 Teachers will be seeing parents on an individual basis. Let us all make this activity as meaningful and fruitful as possible. Teachers who will be at the parents’ evening are:

KINDER 1.1  -  Ms. Audrey Chetcuti

KINDER 1.2  -  Ms. Jolene Mizzi

KINDER 2.1  – Ms. Margaret Bartolo

YEAR 1 – Ms. Annalise Briffa

YEAR 2 – Ms. Grace Attard

YEAR 3  – Ms. Rita Aquilina

YEAR 4  – Ms. Matthia Gracey

YEAR 5 -  Ms. Theresa Muscat

YEAR 6 -  Ms. Miriam Chetcuti

Making reading a hobby – Tip 07

Read whenever you get the chance


Bring along a book or magazine for any time your child has to wait, such as at a doctor’s clinic or in a waiting room.