Down Memory Lane – A historical and IT project

The Maltese Ramblers Society had organised a competition for pupils in schools to get to know more about their own locality.  The Year 5 class together with Ms Miriam participated in this educational project.  It all started with the group going round the different areas of Floriana taking pictures of important and interesting features and back in their classroom they carried out a number of crafts in relation to the project.  The students even had the opportunity to interview a senior citizen from Floriana who was happy to share all his memories about the locality and facts that he knows about the pupils’ own home town.  Using computers the pupils designed a number of charts using the photos they had taken when out scouting around Floriana and all was presented in the school foyer.  It was a learning experience for all involved, because after all getting to know more about one’s locality is never enough!

If you were part of this project have a look at this video you could feature in it too and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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