Daily Archive for December 2nd, 2014

Dinja Waħda December Newsletter

The Dinja Waħda Newletter for the month of December is out and you can view it here.  This newsletter features information about the Dinja Waħda Awards and Launch Event which was held on Wednesday 19th November 2014.  One event that was marked in SGPC Floriana Primary school calendar as we have struck gold again!  In this December issue one may also find more information about a new project that has been launched – Spot the Sparrow.

Ms Audrey, our school Dinja Waħda Co-ordinator
receiving the Gold Award for work carried out during scholastic year 2013-2014.

Scholastic year 2014-15 is sure to see  us working on raising awareness about our beautiful planet and work together as a “Dinja Waħda”!

Down Memory Lane – The Nativity Story

Scholastic Year 2013-2014 saw School Celebration Day being celebrated together with the Christmas Concert.  As part of this event the school came up with the idea of having a presentation which features the pupils themselves as characters in the nativity story.  This presentation was shown in the school hall and parents enjoyed seeing their own children dressed up for the occasion.  The nativity story is very popular as an act during this time of the year and through photos and speech bubbles the story was retold on the day too.

If you were part of this project have a look at this video you could feature in it too and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Bird of the Month – The Cory Shearwater

The Cory Shearwater – Iċ-Ċiefa

This is a large, brown, lazy-looking bird which usually flies in large groups. Its underparts are white with a dark trailing edge. Its bill is yellowish and is visible at long range. They feed on fish, squid and other marine creatures while shearing out at sea. Large flocks of Cory’s Shearwaters are commonly seen scavenging behind trawlers along other sea birds. The Cory’s Shearwater has a very particular call, similar to a crying baby , which they give off at night at their breeding colonies. The Cory’s Shearwater breeds in colonies on rocky islands and cliffs, using cavities or burrows. They visit the colony only at night. The single egg hatches after 53 days. It breeds on the Island of Filfla and in various cliffs on the western coasts of Malta and Gozo. The largest colony is at Ta’ Cenc cliffs, with at least 500 pairs. Few pairs also breed on the island of Comino and Fungus Rock (Dwejra, Gozo)

When to See:
March till November (Some individuals in February and December)