Daily Archive for December 10th, 2014

The First Crib

Christmas was only 15 days away.  Francis was staying at a place near Greccio.

How was he going to celebrate Christmas? He remembered his visit to the Holy Land, to Bethlehem and had a brilliant idea. Why not try to create a replica of the manger scene? That would be lovely! Francis had a good friend, Giovanni Vellita, whom he had met on one of his journeys. Giovanni was a soldier and major of Greccio. Giovanni liked Francis, he had renounced all worldly things and was trying to live a life like that of Francis.

Francis, who  was sure of Giovanni’s friendship, sent him a message:  “If you want to celebrate the Feast of the Lord at Greccio, hurry and  prepare what I tell you. I wish to make people remember the little child who was born in Bethlehem. I want to set before their eyes the poverty of Jesus, how he was born in the manger, with just an ox and a donkey standing where he lay upon the hay.”

Giovanni began to work immediately and got a little grotto ready for the occasion. People prepared torches and candles to light up the night. The manger was prepared in the cave, and the ox and donkey were brought in. When Francis came to the place, he was delighted. The great evening arrived. People began to come in, carrying their torches and candles. They were rediscovering the birth of Jesus. They were the eye witnesses of the first crib that was ever made.

Let us Stop Absenteeism

Attending school regularly and being on time are very important in school success for both students and teachers. Being away from school regularly or being late are factors that are often linked to poor school academic achievement, so school attendance by both teachers and students plays an integral role in the success and educational advancement levels of our school  and all our students.

Unfortunately there are some parents who just do not send their children to school, for no valid reason whatsoever.  This bad habit has to stop immediately if we want to start getting better results at school. It is no good coming to school with a myriad of excuses! Some students are absent on particular days and others follow a pattern.  It is not true that students are allowed to be three days in a month away from school. Students are to stay at home only when they are sick. Habitual late coming is just as bad. All teachers mark the attendance of the students on their laptops every day before 9.00 am. If anybody comes in class when the attendance has already been done, then that might cause a problem. SMSs would have already been sent to parents and remarks have to added on the computer programme if changes are made. Any type of appointment or errands are to be made in the afternoon or on a Saturday.

Being at school is top priority for everyone!