Advent – 4th Sunday

21st December – Advent 4

Getting Ready for Jesus


Without any doubt, the most eager person who was awaiting the arrival of Jesus was his mother-to-be. Mary had been told by the angel that her son was to be a special person, so she knew that the birth of her baby was a very important historical event. This thought must have been in her mind and in her heart for the past nine months. Who knows what the future will be like. These are the thoughts that are shared by all mothers-to-be. Mary was no exception! Many prophets of the old testament had written wonderful things about this woman who was chosen and destined to become the mother of God. Then all started when she was visited by the angel.  She was soon to marry Joseph the carpenter. Then, all of a sudden, a special baby was on the way. This was a big turning point not just in the life of Mary but also in the story of humanity.

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