Christmas Message 2014

During every day of this term I continued to be inspired by the students and the members of the staff and all that they do together to make our school so special, unique and outstanding.  All the activities and achievements since September continued to highlight how impressive our students are and the energy, talent, enthusiasm and commitment they bring to our school and how dedicated is our staff.  Now this term is over and we are all looking forward to a much deserved holiday.

I believe that our role as a school is to guide and nurture the future generation in order to establish skills, to achieve health, respect, prosperity and fulfilment.  We should be passionate about our students being empowered to succeed.  As parents and staff, we should use all tools available for everyone to work together so as to promote student achievement and well-being.  As supporters of effective and innovative strategies that encourage teachers and parents to be reflective, we are to continuously examine our practice to provide quality teaching, support and learning for each student.  The ability to be innovative and creative is important to us.  We should enjoy being challenged and inspired by the students around us.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Stephen Miceli

Head of School.

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