Daily Archive for January 16th, 2015

Tree Planting at Argotti Gardens

On the occasion of National Tree Day which was celebrated on Friday 16th January, the EkoSkola Committee, together with some pupils from our Kindergarten Section, organized a tree planting activity at the Argotti Garden. This tree planting activity was made possible by the help of the gardeners at this garden.  During this activity the pupils learned that trees can grow from the little acorns that are found on the ground all over the place.  In fact the chosen tree was an Evergreen Oak that has been growing nicely in a big pot.  It was a little acorn that was put in the soil about eight years ago.  Now it is hoped that it will grow into a strong beautiful tree for all the Floriana citizens and all the visitors to enjoy.  In fact this is another way of implementing one of the EkoSkola seven steps: that of involving the local community.  It is also one of the many ways we can care for our environment which is all that Dinja Waħda is about.  Two projects that are at heart all at SGPC Floriana Primary.

Please click on the photo above for more photos of this event!