Daily Archive for January 18th, 2015

Oh what a day!

Thursday 17th December 2015 was surely a red letter day at our school! Parents and guest gathered in the school hall to enjoy themselves watching the special performance that we prepared to celebrate our school’s Celebration Day and the Prize Giving Ceremony.   The event, which was ably compered by Caya Zammit and Elias Bezzina Cascino, kicked off with a photo presentation.  During this presentation we could see photos that reminded everyone of the wonderful activities and events that we had during the last scholastic year. Haylee Mangion, who is the school’s Head Girl delivered the address of welcome. Then it was the time for speeches.  The Head of School emphasised the importance of collaboration between home and school. The College Principal stressed the importance of being positive and of being proud about the school and its work.

The speeches were followed by this year’s presentation on stage.  This time we had young Chinese dancers, kung fu fighters, princesses and a fairy godmother who all helped the young emperor realise that being happy and loved are more important than all the gold and riches that he kept in his treasury.  The Emperor’s mother was battling the notorious Si Lai, who had a sly plan to get rid of the Emperor.  A funny moment was when Ms. Anna Caruana dropped noodles onto the Head of School and on the College Principal. All ended happily with the Emperor promising to marry the kitchen maid who rescued him from Si Lai’s evil plans. The Emperor’s mother invited everyone to the wedding which was celebrated on stage by our little ones from the Kindergarten Section.

Then Mr. James Camilleri, the College Principal distributed certificates and books to the students who performed well during the last scholastic year and to others who deserved merit. Certificates were given to all students.

A big thanks to all those that showed great dedication in the preparation for this special day.

The Video and the Photos of this Red Letter Day can be ordered from school :)