End of the Month Celebration with a Difference

The month of January is finally over! This year January was colder than usual and at school, even though the arches are now closed, the air is quite chilly at times.  We have to sit down for lessons for most of the day and this doesn’t help us to get warm.  On most days we even could not use the school yard because of the rain! This made matters even worse!  Some members of Staff suggested to have a Hot Chocolate Day at school. It would be nice to see everybody warming his hands by clutching a mug full of steaming hot melted goodness! Then it was also decided to have cup cakes as well!  Some teachers offered to bake the cup cakes in our own food lab and this activity soon turned into an educational experience for our learners.  In no time our food lab became a mini-factory where hundreds of cup cakes were being baked and decorated by our little chefs!  Then it was time to have all their colleagues join in…and in no time…every little crumb was gone!  Well done to the members of Staff who volunteered to help in this activity and a big thank you to the members of Staff who offered to fork out the expenses.

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