Daily Archive for February 2nd, 2015

What is bullying?

Bullying behaviours are those behaviours which are repeated over time by an individual or a group and which are intentionally hurtful in a direct or indirect manner against a person who has difficulty defending himself or herself. Bullying behaviours can be manifested in many different ways and they are often driven by a preconception made about a particular individual or group, with the preconceived idea that there exists a difference in power. The differences which elicit the aforementioned preconceptions might be real or perceived differences. Bullying behaviour therefore is any form of aggressive behaviour that encroaches upon the rights of the victim(s) involved.


Bird of the Month – The Short-Toed Eagle

The Short-Toed Eagle – Ajkla Bajda

The Short-toed Eagle, in Maltese Ajkla Bajda, is one of the largest birds of prey that visits the Maltese Islands. It can grow to about 68 cm in length with a 2 meter wingspan. They can be recognised by their mostly white feathers on their underside. The upper parts are greyish brown. The Short-toed Eagle is a very good flyer and spends a lot of time flying. It eats mostly reptiles, like snakes and lizards. They are very rare. Some can be seen in September and October in places like Buskett or Dwejra.