Daily Archive for April 7th, 2015

Congratulations to Mr Charles Farrugia – Resident of the Year

During the Floriana Local Council Annual Awards,  a ceremony which was held at the Local Council’s Office on Tuesday 7th April 2015, it was announced that Mr. Charles Farrugia received the Anthony Piscopo Award as the Floriana Resident of the Year. This award is given to a Floriana resident who outstandingly helps in the community on a voluntary basis.  Special emphasis was made to his constant support to our school, especially when he volunteered to put the new turf in place. Now Mr. Farrugia is working on the new goal posts as well. Well done Mr. Farrugia and thanks for helping our school so much.

Have a positive attitude towards maths

Many parents are scared of maths or think they just can’t do it, but it’s the worst thing you can tell your child.  Parents are just so crucial as role models.  When parents tell their children that they themselves can’t do it, it means they’re communicating messages that it’s OK not to be good at maths, which can carry all the way to school.

So here are some tips:

Talk positively about maths!

  • Play games with your child, which involve adding dice or numbers, to show them that maths matters.
  • Ask your child how they work out maths problems; it helps build their knowledge and boosts their confidence.
  • Help your child to group objects by asking them to set the table or put the cutlery away correctly.
  • Point out maths in everyday life with your child whenever you can.

Talk about maths in everyday life

We go about our everyday lives totally unaware of the maths we’re using for so many tasks. Talking to children about how maths is important in their everyday life makes it relevant and real. Some ideas are:

  • cooking in the kitchen (measurement)
  • operating a microwave oven (numbers and counting backwards)
  • stacking containers in the cupboard (shapes)
  • finding a certain house number down the street (counting by twos).