Daily Archive for May 2nd, 2015

Bird of the Month – The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher – L-Għasfur ta’ San Martin

The Kingfisher, in Maltese Għasfur ta’ San Martin, is a very colourful and striking bird. The Kingfisher has a large head and bill with a rather small body and short tail. It has a blue cap, black bill with a beautiful blue colour on its back and wings , and orange feathers on the lower part. It also has a white and orange cheek patch, white chin and tiny red legs. It is often seen perched on a twig near a stream or pond waiting to catch its prey. When it spots something, it makes a dramatic dive in the water and if successful flies back out with the prey in its bill to eat on its perch. It has a loud sharp call. It eats fish and small water amphibians. It nests in a deep tunnel near the water where it lays 5-7 eggs. The Kingfisher is a regular bird of migration. Occasionally 1-2 decide to spend the winter with us at Ghadira or Simar Nature Reserve. During Migration up to 5 or more could be present at the reserves. Kingfishers can be seen from as early as July and August till October during Autumn. Some spend the Winter here.