Daily Archive for May 8th, 2015

Mothers and Grandmothers at School

The Kindergarten Section celebrated Mother’s Day with a difference as they asked not just the pupils’ mothers but their grandmothers as well.  The first part of the activity was held in the school hall where the Crowning of Our Lady was held.  As part of this celebration one of the little ones from the kindergarten section recited a very sweet poem to Our Lady.  Then everyone proceeded to the school yard were songs, rhymes, poems and a dance were enjoyed by one and all.  The activity came to an end when all the mothers received hand made cards and gifts.  Refreshments were also served.

Crowning of Our Lady

O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today!
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May!

The old tradition of crowning the statue of Our Lady at our school was kept today. For the first time the ceremony was held in the school hall and not in the yard. This decision was made in order to avoid staying in direct sunlight for a long time. All the school children, together with their teachers, parents and even some grandmothers were present for this activity.  Various Marian hymns were sung and prayers were said. Some children recited poems and one of the little ones from the Kindergarten Section recited a lovely prayer to Holy Mary. Then it was time to put candles and flowers in front of the statue of Our Lady. The climax of the ceremony was reached when two of our Year Six students placed the floral crown on the statue’s head. The ceremony ended when we were all invited to watch a presentation which was especially prepared for this event.