Greener and Greener Still!

Hurray to Floriana Primary School! It’s the Green Flag once again! For the fourth time!  Isn’t that something that should make us really proud!  These last two years we all worked on our fourth phase in our EkoSkola Project. This time we all focused on the topic of Animal Awareness and giving a voice to the animals that are at risk of extinction or to some kind of cruelty.  We had various apeakers coming over to school and we had some really interesting discussions going on! We also visited various places were animals are being cared for! We also had many cross-curricular activities and lessons.   All these were held concurrently with other activities related to all our previous action plans.  This time the Adjudication Board visited our school on Monday 25th May 2015.  All the school looked really nice and colourful as, for this occasion, we all, members of staff included, decided to bring animal soft toys to school! One has to say that the members of the Adjudication Board were really impressed by our organization and our enthusiasm towards our work to bring about a better world!  Now all is set for our school to receive the prestigious Green Flag from H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca during the Awards Ceremony which is going to be held at the President’s Palace in Valletta on the 3rd of June.  We feel obliged to thank our EkoSkola Link Teachers and Mr. Johann Gatt, the EkoSkola co-Ordinator!  A big THANKS to one and all!

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