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Crowning of Our Lady

O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today!
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May!

The old tradition of crowning the statue of Our Lady at our school was kept today. For the first time the ceremony was held in the school hall and not in the yard. This decision was made in order to avoid staying in direct sunlight for a long time. All the school children, together with their teachers, parents and even some grandmothers were present for this activity.  Various Marian hymns were sung and prayers were said. Some children recited poems and one of the little ones from the Kindergarten Section recited a lovely prayer to Holy Mary. Then it was time to put candles and flowers in front of the statue of Our Lady. The climax of the ceremony was reached when two of our Year Six students placed the floral crown on the statue’s head. The ceremony ended when we were all invited to watch a presentation which was especially prepared for this event.

Dinja Waħda Upcoming Events May-July

Follow the Dinja Waħda Newletter Upcoming events for the months May-July here.  Be part of the Let’s do It! initiative to make our world a better place to be in: Saturday 9th May is International Clean-Up day, thousands of people around 20 Mediterranean countries will be actually doing something for our world by cleaning up sites from waste as much as possible.  Make a difference and join the action!

Bird of the Month – The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher – L-Għasfur ta’ San Martin

The Kingfisher, in Maltese Għasfur ta’ San Martin, is a very colourful and striking bird. The Kingfisher has a large head and bill with a rather small body and short tail. It has a blue cap, black bill with a beautiful blue colour on its back and wings , and orange feathers on the lower part. It also has a white and orange cheek patch, white chin and tiny red legs. It is often seen perched on a twig near a stream or pond waiting to catch its prey. When it spots something, it makes a dramatic dive in the water and if successful flies back out with the prey in its bill to eat on its perch. It has a loud sharp call. It eats fish and small water amphibians. It nests in a deep tunnel near the water where it lays 5-7 eggs. The Kingfisher is a regular bird of migration. Occasionally 1-2 decide to spend the winter with us at Ghadira or Simar Nature Reserve. During Migration up to 5 or more could be present at the reserves. Kingfishers can be seen from as early as July and August till October during Autumn. Some spend the Winter here.

It’s May!

Hail, sweet month of May!
Hail, bright month of May!
Bring sunshine with you,
Chasing clouds away.

March has left us sighing
In cold and chilly blast,
April’s tears have fallen,
May has come at last!


Hurray,  hurray, it’s the wonderful month of May! May is one of the most wonderful months of the year. It reminds us of sunny bright days, chirping happy birds and pretty colourful flowers. It is the last full month of Spring. Workers’ Day and the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker are celebrsted on the first day of the month. Other celebrations are Mother’s Day, Ascension Sunday and Pentecost. May is also an important month at school. Among other activities there are the Crowning of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Fun Day. Year 6 Benchmark exams are scheduled to start on the last week of this month.

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