Daily Archive for June 1st, 2015

June is here!

It’s beautiful the Summer month of June

When all of God’s own wildflowers are in bloom

And sun shines brightly most part of the day

And butterflies fly over lush green meadows.

June is the last month of the scholastic year. It is already very hot and so we stay at school only till midday. This month is very important for most of our students as it brings about exams. It’s Benchmark Exams for our Year Six and Annuals for Year Four and Year Five. June brings about some very important feastdays as well, such as the feast of the Holy Trinity, the feast of Corpus Christi and the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Then there is the traditional feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the 29th of June.  Soon it will be the time to go to o the beach and enjoy the golden sand and the crystal clear sea. Isn’t that wonderful? Anyway, we all wish you good luck and may your summer holidays be packed with fun and enjoyment.  Finally, allow some time to keep in touch with your books, do not forget that they are your best friends.