Daily Archive for June 2nd, 2015

Bird of the Month – The Blue Rock Thrush

The Blue Rock Thrush – Il-Merill

To end our series, we chose the Blue Rock Thrush that is not exactly a rare bird that visits Malta but a famous and important little creature. The Blue Rock Thrush, il-Merill is the National bird of the Maltese Islands. It is a solitary birds which resides in cliffs, especially the ones near the coast. The male’s body is all blue with black wings and tail. The female is not colourful as it is dark brown in colour. The Blue Rock Thrush feeds on worms, grasshoppers and lizards  The breeding season of this bird starts in March when it is seen carrying twigs towards the cliffs, and ends in May.  A female lays between 3 to 6 eggs and the pair may have 2 broods in the same season. In Malta this bird is widely known for its melodious song, echoing in the valleys.  The Blue Rock Thrush population in Malta is quite a strong one, with it being present along all the cliffs of western and northern coasts of mainland Malta. It is not usually recorded on the eastern coast of mainland Malta due to the lack of cliffs. It is also found breeding along the coasts of Gozo and Comino.