Daily Archive for June 10th, 2015

Fruity Maths!

The Maths day was held for all kindergarten students on the 10th June. This day involved the students to participate in hands on activities that explored Maths.  The theme used was Fruit and it was taken from the book Oliver’s Fruit.

We started our activity by reading the story to the children thus helping them understand the theme more.  The theme itself provided meaningful activities which one can use for Maths. The context and the activities helped the children to develop the early learning goals of Mathematics. One activity was about problem solving, reasoning, counting and sorting.  Other activities helped them recognize and recreate simple patterns. Also memory skill and numeracy were being done in another session.  Feely bags full of different fruits helped the children reason and explore what was in the bags. Mathematics language was being used continuously such as greater, smaller, heavier, lighter fruits and so on. Shapes were also mentioned.

The Maths day was a great success. The children enjoyed themselves and responded well to all activities.  In Kindergarten classes Mathematics activities are much needed and are done daily.  Children tend to understand more Maths through play and hands on activities which helps them to become successful learners.

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