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Fresh Food for Fun!

In order to celebrate the beginning of Summer we all had an enjoyable moment in the shade of our school yard during which we ate fresh fruity jelly and fruit kebabs. The kebabs were made with five different types of fruit, grapes, melon, kiwi, water melon and pineapple! Yummie, yummie, they were really mouth watering. Then afterwards we were also given the usual fruit pack which is provided every week by Frottartna. This was truly a feast of fresh food and fruit for fun! Hurray Floriana Primary for such activities!

Eucharistic Day at our School

On Friday 12th June we celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at our School.  The day started with Holy Mass which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Deo Debono, the parish priest of Saint Augustine in Valletta. During this Mass, our school colleagues from Year 2 received Holy Communion for the first time at school. It was really nice as we all sang beautiful hymns prayed and participated all together in this well organized activity. Particular moments were when the pupils put white flowers in a vase at the foot of the altar, when Fr. Deo recounted a very nice story to which we all listened attentively , when we sang Our Father whilst joining hands and when we all received Jesus during Communion. Then, after Mass, we had a procession during which the Holy Eucharist was solemnly tranported to a special place in our school which was prepared for a time for private adoration. The year 2 pupils had a party and they received gifts from their class teachers and from the SMT. All the school was very nicely decorated with candles and flowers for this very special day. A very big thank you to all the members of staff who worked towards the success of this event and a special thank you to dear Jesus for spending a day with us at school.

All our Year 2 pupils were enthusiastic on the day and smart and neat in their Holy Communion suits.  A big thanks to Ms Jane Farrugia who is always willing to help out with professional photo taking of such commemorative days at school.

Fruity Maths!

The Maths day was held for all kindergarten students on the 10th June. This day involved the students to participate in hands on activities that explored Maths.  The theme used was Fruit and it was taken from the book Oliver’s Fruit.

We started our activity by reading the story to the children thus helping them understand the theme more.  The theme itself provided meaningful activities which one can use for Maths. The context and the activities helped the children to develop the early learning goals of Mathematics. One activity was about problem solving, reasoning, counting and sorting.  Other activities helped them recognize and recreate simple patterns. Also memory skill and numeracy were being done in another session.  Feely bags full of different fruits helped the children reason and explore what was in the bags. Mathematics language was being used continuously such as greater, smaller, heavier, lighter fruits and so on. Shapes were also mentioned.

The Maths day was a great success. The children enjoyed themselves and responded well to all activities.  In Kindergarten classes Mathematics activities are much needed and are done daily.  Children tend to understand more Maths through play and hands on activities which helps them to become successful learners.

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Meta ħadna r-raba’ Bandiera Ħadra tal-Eko Skola

Nhar l-Erbgħa, 3 ta’ Ġunju 2015 it-tfal flimkien mal-għalliema kollha tal-iskola konna ferħanin għax għal darba oħra rnexxielna nġibu lura l-bandiera l-ħadra fl-iskola tagħna. F’din il-ġurnata aħna flimkien mas-surmast u żewġ għalliema oħra Ms Maria u Ms Brenda morna fil-Palazz tal-President fil-Belt Valletta sabiex nattendu għaċ-ċerimonja ta’ din l-okkażżjoni.

F’din iċ-ċerimonja kien hemm preżenti l-President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca sabiex tagħti l-bandiera l-ħadra lil kull skola li kien ħaqqha dan l-unur. Tgħidx kemm konna eċitati meta tlajna u ġejna wiċċ imb’wiċċ mal-President speċjalment meta ħadnilha b’idejha!

Ħaġa li konna kburin biha hi li fi skola żgħira bħalma hi tagħna rnexxielna nieħdu u nżommu l-bandiera l-ħadra għal erba’ darbiet wara xulxin. Għalhekk nixtiequ ngħidu grazzi lil kull tifel u tifla li tat is-sehem tagħha biex nerġgħu nsebbħu t-taraġ bil-bandiera l-ħadra. Grazzi kbira tmur ukoll għall-għalliema kollha, il-link teacher tal-Eko Skola, il-purtinari kollha kif ukoll lis-segretarja tal-iskola, l-Assistenta Kap u l-Kap tal-iskola.

Ejja naħdmu lkoll flimkien sabiex sentejn oħra dan l-unur jibqa’ għandna!

Miktuba minn Kayleigh Henderson u Dayle Mamo

Bird of the Month – The Blue Rock Thrush

The Blue Rock Thrush – Il-Merill

To end our series, we chose the Blue Rock Thrush that is not exactly a rare bird that visits Malta but a famous and important little creature. The Blue Rock Thrush, il-Merill is the National bird of the Maltese Islands. It is a solitary birds which resides in cliffs, especially the ones near the coast. The male’s body is all blue with black wings and tail. The female is not colourful as it is dark brown in colour. The Blue Rock Thrush feeds on worms, grasshoppers and lizards  The breeding season of this bird starts in March when it is seen carrying twigs towards the cliffs, and ends in May.  A female lays between 3 to 6 eggs and the pair may have 2 broods in the same season. In Malta this bird is widely known for its melodious song, echoing in the valleys.  The Blue Rock Thrush population in Malta is quite a strong one, with it being present along all the cliffs of western and northern coasts of mainland Malta. It is not usually recorded on the eastern coast of mainland Malta due to the lack of cliffs. It is also found breeding along the coasts of Gozo and Comino.