Daily Archive for September 28th, 2015

Head of School Message 2015-16

Welcome back to what, I hope, will prove to be yet another positive educational experience, full of challenges, nurturing positive personal relationships and the growth of each student in a sense of confidence and motivation.  At our school we all believe that the most effective school environment is the combination of place, purpose and people. All learning happens through and with these three factors that have to work together.  The physical structure that forms the school, the authenticity of the tasks that the students are asked to perform and the people: members of Staff and classmates are all focus points that are central to a level of education that we are all striving to achieve. We should all learn to love and love to learn.  With this spirit in our hearts and minds, at Floriana Primary School we work together as a team to help cultivate the God-given gifts and talents within each and every one of us,  in all areas, including the academic, the social-emotional, the spiritual, the artistic, and the physical aspects of human development.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School

Meetings for Parents/Carers

Wednesday 30th September xx Kindergarten xx 11.00
Monday 12th October Year 4 08.45
Monday 12th October Year 5 09.30
Monday 12th October Year 6 10.30
Tuesday 13th October Year 1 08.45
Tuesday 13th October Year 2 09.45
Tuesday 13th October Year 3 10.30