Daily Archive for November 11th, 2015

EkoSkola Election

As another scholastic year has started, some of the ex- committee members have gone to other schools and so another election had to be held for a new EkoSkola Committee.  16 students were eager to form part of the new  EkoSkola Committee. They all designed wonderful posters all made from recycled items. They all wrote a small message to let everybody know about them and why they should vote for them. They all stated that they are willing to do their utmost to help keep our school environment clean and safe. These were all put on show to the EkoSkola noticeboard for all the school to see. The electoral process was carried out by the EkoSkola link teachers, Ms. Brenda and Ms. Maria. They prepared the ballot papers and made copies for all the students, teachers and SMT.

On Friday 6th November, the set voting day, everyone was super excited!  The voting was carried out in the school library. 3 students from Year 5 class were asked to help out. They were given the role to stamp all ballot papers with the school stamp, keep a record of the attendance and also hand out the ballot paper to the students and teachers. All students were eager to vote and everything showed that the process was a successful one.

We had decided to have 10 students on the committee. However, as the counting process was carried out,  it resulted in two students getting the same number of votes, therefore we were adviced to elect two more students. Thus 12 members were elected for the EkoSkola Committee. There are some new faces together with others who were already on the previous committee.

The EkoSkola 2015 – 2017 Committee members are:

Yr 2         Juan Piscopo

Yr 2         Huda Debbas

Yr 2         Shaiel Falzon

Yr 3         Garret Cassar

Yr 3         Dezan Azzopardi

Yr 4         Elias Bezzina Cascino

Yr 4          Nirvana Farrugia

Yr 4          Kyra Gauci

Yr 4          Caya Zammit

Yr 6          Rico Bezzina Cascino

Yr 6          Jael Dalli

Yr 6          Haylee Mangion

Welcome aboard New Committee!

Ms. Brenda & Ms. Maria