Daily Archive for November 15th, 2015

Parents’ Evening – 25th November

All parents are invited to come to school on Wednesday 25th November, from 16.30 onwards, in order to meet the teachers and discuss their children’s progress in school. Appointments were given with the November circular. Please remember that the mission of Floriana Primary School is to build a caring school community by engaging all staff members, students, and families in working together to build a learning community dedicated to caring support, active participation, and positive expectations for all students. Allow us to take this opportunity to remind parents about their obligations towards a healthy school-home relationship:

  • All Parents and Legal Guardians are expected to support their children and their school by setting a good example to their children in their attire, language, behaviour and general attitude towards the school
  • Addressing the school administration and all members of staff appropriately
  • Refraining from talking to all members of staff without an appointment even during school activities, admission and dismissal times for the sake of the students’ safety
  • Monitoring learners’ attendance
  • Ensuring that learners arrive to school on time
  • Avoiding early dismissal from school
  • Making sure that homework is completed
  • Participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to learners’ education
  • Promoting positive use of children’s co-curricular time
  • Staying informed about learners’ education and communicating with the school by promptly reading all notices, either received by children or on the School Diary, and responding as appropriate
  • Make use of the diary as a communication book, rather than talking to members of staff outside school
  • Serving, to the extent possible, on the School Council.