Daily Archive for November 20th, 2015

Special Assembly Year 2

On Friday 20th November, the Year 2 class presented a Special Assembly.  The children sang a song about the seasons. They were divided into four groups, each group representing a season.  They also wore clothes to represent the type of clothing associated with the specific weather conditions of a particular season. The children really enjoyed singing the song as it was quite catchy, while also learning new vocabulary in English related to the four seasons.

Link to song video : Seasons Song Video


Maths Day

On Thursday 19th November the school held a Maths Day for children in years 4, 5 and 6. Children took part in a series of maths-related activities. The school hall was transformed into a series of 6 stations in which every group of children participated. Children needed to calculate mathematical equations in order to solve the mathematical problems they were faced it. The children enjoyed the activity as problems were related to daily life and the activities were enjoyable. It was a fun learning experience outside the classroom.