Daily Archive for December 10th, 2015

School Celebration Time is Here!

During the last summer holidays, our Head of School has, once again, put pen to paper and wrote a play which we are all going to perform for our annual school celebration.  This time we are off the ancient Imperial China where we are going to meet a young emperor who refuses to get married.  He goes against the wishes of his mother and he declares that there is only one love for him: his riches and gold!  As usual our school production will include dances, songs and the occasional hilarious bits as well! There will be young chinese dancers, courtiers and villains; the fairy godmother and pretty princesses and a joyful gran finale. All leads to a happy ending when the emperor realizes that being happy in life does not mean to be rich and powerful!  There are things that are by far more important than that!

So please make sure to be with us on the 17th of December at 11.00 so that you can simply sit down, relax and watch us on stage: you will definetely not regret it!

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