January – A New Beginning

How often we wish for another chance
To make a fresh beginning.
A chance to blot out our mistakes
And change failure into winning.

It does not take a new day
To make a brand new start,
It only takes a deep desire
To try with all our heart.

Welcome January, welcome New Year, welcome 2016!  A new year is here and with it comes the wish for a new beginning, a fresh start.  New year resolutions are made every year but, very often, they dwindle away after a couple of days. Isn’t that true? It only takes courage and strong will to keep them going.  The important thing is to never give up and always keep trying!  January is full winter and the weather is mostly cold and wet.  This month brings about some important feasts as well.  On the 1st we celebrate New Year’s Day, which is also the feast of Our Lady Mother of Jesus.  On the 6th we celebrate the feast of the Three Wise Men. The feast of Saint Publius is on the 22nd and the feast of Saint John Bosco is on the 31st.  January is also the month dedicated to tree planting.  During this month various activities are held during which trees are planted in gardens, streets, parks and schools.  Trees are very important for us: they do not only look nice but they also provide us with oxygen.

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January is also an important month at school: second term starts and soon it will be examination time.  So take our word of advice and start brushing up your work.  Now is the time to get yourself really prepared. Remember that when a day has been troubled and the night is dark and long, we are to lift up our fallen spirits, for a new day will soon dawn!

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