Daily Archive for February 1st, 2016

February is it!

For a sweetheart or a friend
There is just no better way
To show how much you care for them
Than a gift on Valentine’s Day!

It does not need to be expensive
Just a simple card will do,
As long as you put your heart in it
And show that it is really from you!

February is the shortest month of the year.  Usually it has only 28 days but this year it is a leap year, so there is an extra day – 29 in all. February was added to the Roman calendar in 713 BC. The length of the month changed over time and, at one time, it had as few as 23 days. When Julius Caesar remade the Roman calendar, the month was assigned 28 days during normal years and 29 days during leap years which occurred every four years.  February brings along Saint Paul’s feast on the 10th, Our Lady of Lourdes on the 11th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th, Carnival and the beginning of Lent – it is just 40 days before Easter.  It also brings about our own Half Yearly Exams. Then it is time to wait for results and Parents’ day.  We are already half way through the scholastic year!   How time flies!

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