Daily Archive for March 25th, 2016

Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of penance, and this is strictly observed through the veneration of the Cross and through traditional Good Friday processions in different parishes. Statues representing various scenes from the Passion and Death of Christ, several of them works of art by local artisans, are carried processionally. Figures dressed in biblical, roman and jewish costumes also take part, as do the local bands playing funeral marches. These well organized and solemn religious processions and pageants are held in many towns and villages, with statues and costumes with local actors representing scenes from the Passion of Christ. In some parts of Malta, these processions will include a number of penitents dressed in white robes and hoods, walking barefoot or occasionally with chains tied to their ankles as an act of penance or in fulfilment of a vow. This is a unique, old tradition which still survives today. Everyone is asked to be silent on this day and think about Jesus’s love towards us.  As a sign of sacrifice catholics fast on this day and young children are asked not to eat any sweets.