Daily Archive for March 27th, 2016

Easter Sunday

The scene changes dramatically on Easter morning, and the triumphal Resurrection of the Lord is traditionally celebrated with a morning procession with the statue of the Risen Christ which is carried shoulder high by parishioners. The statue bearers actually run with the statue through the main streets of the town or village to the applause of the crowds. Throughout the procession people throw paper confetti from windows and balconies adding to the joyous atmosphere of the day. In contrast to the solemn Good Friday processions, on Easter Sunday brass bands play joyous tunes all along the procession. Children too enjoy, thanks to gifts of Easter Eggs and local traditional Figolla –  usually a pastry figure of a lamb or a fish which they carry with them and hold out to be blessed by the Risen Christ as the statue makes its way past them.

Whilst a good number of localities hold these processions, the most popular are those held in the Qormi and Cospicua. Church bells are rung again and families gather for a special meal.  This is the most important feast of all as it shows us that Jesus is God: he raised himself from the death!  Happy Easter to all of you!