The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows has a very special place in the hearts of thousands of people. This feast is traditionally celebrated on the Friday before Good Friday, with the faithful walking in the procession behind the statue of Our Lady in practically every town and village. Traditionally, some of the penitents walk barefoot in fulfilment of some vow for favours received through divine intercession. The most popular Our Lady of Sorrows procession, is that one that held in the church of Our Lady of Jesus, in Valletta. This is a special feast that reminds us about the seven times in Our Lady’s life when she suffered because of her son Jesus. These moments started during the presentation in the temple and ended during Jesus’s death on the cross.  During this feast we should all remember and pray for the millions of mothers all over the world who suffer because of their children.

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