Kinder 2 Being Active

Ms Margert and Ms Jolene plan various Physical Activity Lessons for Kinder 2 Classes. During this particular lesson they planned to have two activities one was a parachute activity and the other one was catching the boy or girl having a tail.

Objectives: Parachute activity.

  • Asking individual children the colors of the parachute.
  • Learn new positions vocabulary such as Over our head, On the floor, Lifting up high.
  • Learning of intervals such as first walking with the parachute and then all of a sudden changing and start running with the parachute .
  • Hand and eye co ordination when having a ball on the parachute and trying to pull hands up as soon as they see the ball approaching so that the ball won’t fall .

Objectives: Catch the tail.

  • Using gross motor skills to run around the playground.
  • Taking turns to use the tail provided.

The happy faces on our little ones was sure proof of the fun the pupils were having and whenever the sun will be out and shining we will have many more opportunities to enjoy ourselves whilst keeping active in our school yard!

Ms Margaret and Ms Jolene

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