The Year 6s discover Maths at the Supermarket

The supermarket is a great place to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts.   There are numerous opportunities to use the routine actions of shopping for groceries to reinforce concepts students are learning in school.

The year 6 students had the opportunity to visit Smart Supermarket, together with their teachers and the Maths support teacher, Ms Miriam, where they did various maths activities in an everyday life situation.   Students estimated the weight for half a kilo tomatoes, weighed the tomatoes, checked expiry dates on products, compared different brands or sizes of the same product to find out the best deal, discussed special offers on display, found various 3D shapes around them, discussed capacity and finally estimated the cost of their shopping.  Yes, we also did some shopping as before going on this outing the students together with Ms Brenda and Ms Maria (nurture class) had a session on table manners and healthy food.  They also had a session with Ms Graziella (LML support teacher) where students discussed the ingredients needed to make healthy burgers for the whole class and finalised a shopping list.  During the latter session students had to estimate weight and cost of all the ingredients.

Finally, after going to the supermarket, children will cook their own healthy burgers, thus using Mathematics once more as they need to weigh, measure, and divide using an everyday life situation.  What an enjoyable way to do Mathematics!!

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