Daily Archive for November 4th, 2016

Code Week fil-Furjana

L-iskola tagħna ħadet sehem f’Code Week fejn it-tfal ta’ etajiet differenti hadu sehem f’attivitajiet relatati ma’ dan is-suġġett flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom u bl-għajnuna tas-support teacher is-Sir Antoine Grech.  Agħfas hawn sabiex taraw ftit it-tfal tagħna waqt li qed imeddu idejhom għax-xogħol u jitgħalmu fl-istess ħin

The Traffic Snake Game

These last two weeks our school took part in a traffic campaign. This campaign’s aim was to encourage primary students to walk or cycle or use other sustainable means of transport; by bus or car pooling to school rather then using a car.

The children had to choose from a number of stickers of a bus, a bicycle, people walking and a car with 3 people in it (car pooling), to stick on another sticker and stick it on an enormous snake which was put in the school foyer.

A kindergarten class also prepared a board with transport magnets and the children were asked every morning how they came to school.

At the end of these two weeks we should see a positive result, with more children walking, car-pooling or using the bus more frequently.

This campaign is organised by Paragon together with the EU.

Click on the picture below to view some pics of this activity.