School Celebration 2016

Preparations are in full swing for our School Celebration 2016!  This time we are going back to the traditional nativity play – but the story was given a twist so that the audience will remain transfixed.  The main character is a sweet little donkey and his pride for having been chosen to carry the holy mother on her way to Betlehem and his vision of the future when Jesus will, once again, choose this humble means of transport for his entry into Jerusalem!  This time besides the usual characters, we shall be having little mice, twinkling stars, cute angels and exploding gifts all dancing happily to the bluttering beat of the Baa Band!  The usual funny moments involving other members of the staff will not be given a miss!  All parents and guardians are kindly asked to keep the 16th of December free so that they all will be able to join us in this joyful annual celebration – starting at 11.00.  The School Administration will then give out prizes to the students who distinguished themselves in various aspects of the school life.

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