Daily Archive for February 8th, 2017

Pirates Ahoy!

Our latest theme was exciting, fresh and fun – Pirates! The children in our delightful little class of K1.1 loved it from the very start. There were all sorts of activities involved such as colourful books filled with thrilling pirate stories that were combined with a real toy pirate ship filled with Lego pirates. This simple resource encouraged the children to be a part of the story themselves as they marvelled at the ship and the dolls. We also had various nursery rhymes and videos that included pirates. The children asked to see them at least once every day. However, the biggest hit were the crafts that were done throughout the week. All leading to the great finish line: pirate costume dress up at the end of the week. Friday was a big day for K1.1. The children could not help but wear their most anxious expression as each waited for their turn to wear the full pirate costume : a classic Napoleon style hat with a skull, an eye patch with their choice of pirate relevant sticker added, a pirates hook, and last but not least, a pirate binocular to observe the stormy waters ahead! Needless to say, all of the children looked perfectly cute in their little costume and it was such a lovely feeling waiting for their parents to see them wearing their work.  The costume was all simply made from our craft activities! It was certainly enough to make the children greet their parents  with a big AHOY! What a smile that brought to everyone!


Ms Audrey & Ms Raissa