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Wrap it all up!

On the 25th of February, the year 6 class had a cooking session in our school food lab.  All the students prepared their own wraps which were filled with a healthy filling mainly tuna, eggs, cheese, olives, capers, and tomato ketchup. When the filling was ready it was put on the wrap and the teacher showed the students how to close the wrap properly. Then the wraps were grilled and eaten by the students themselves!! It was a positive experience as the children were really motivated and eager to cook their own food.  After the activity the children put away and cleaned everything themselves.  This helps them to become more responsible.

Let’s cook some pasta!

On Tuesday 11th February, the Year 2 class had a cooking session in the Food Lab.  There was an introduction about the importance of calcium in our diet, found in dairy products like milk and cheese.  Then the children worked out a handout.  the children ate pasta with white sauce.  Butterfly shaped pasta was used, since it is a favourite shape with children.  The children helped with mixing the sauce with the pasta.

All the children ate heartily, some even asking for a second helping.  Besides being delicious and satisfying, pasta is a great source of energy.

Click on the photo below to view some snapshots of this activity

Run run … I’m the Gingerbread Man!

The children in kinder 1.2  spent an enjoyable morning in the food lab helping Ms Audrey roll out the dough to make gingerbread man together with the grandma and the house, and finally baking  and decorating them.

xxxx xxxx

Whilst waiting for them to come out of the oven, they free painted the eyes, mouth and buttons of an already sponge painted print of a gingerbread man that they had prepared the day before.

The other activity they finished was a collage of the gingerbread man.

x x x

Before going home they were given the three biscuits each to be eaten at home. The school surely smelt lovely and the delight and enthusiasm of the children could not go unnoticed!

Żaqqi mimlija …

Ħafna minna naħsbu ta’ spiss u ngħidu bejna u bejn ruħna … “Min jaf x’ser nieklu llejla?” jew  ”Issa llum x’ser naqbad insajjar?”  Kulħadd iħobbha lil żaqqu u m’għandniex xi ngħidu kulħadd b’gostih.  Royan Spiteri tifel tas-Sitt Sena kiteb dwar l-ikel favorit tiegħu.  Nagħtukom ħjiel ċkejken … il-platt favorit ta’ Royan huwa mill-kċina taljana.  Jekk trid tkun taf x’iħobb l-aktar jiekol Royan aqra ftit x’kiteb hawnhekk:

L-Ikel Favorit Tiegħi

Din il-kitba saret minn Royan flimkien mal-għalliema Ms Janette li magħha kiteb il-komponiment bil-kompjuter u fittex stampi relatati mas-suġġett.

All About Shapes

On Friday 25th October 2013 Ms. Jolene had a cooking activity along with her children which was based on the topic of shapes. This activity was an extension to the previous activities done from the book of Abacus.


The resources used where shape cutters as well as blunt knives that are safe to be used by the children. We also used recycled boxes to store the bread in and plates for the children to place their bread on.


The ingredients used where: strawberry jam, apricot jam and rectangle tramezzini

All the children had a rectangular tramezzina each apart from that they also had three different shape cutters, a square, a triangle and a circle. After cutting the shapes, the children spread the jam on the different shapes.


The aim of this activity was:

  • To explore the four different  shapes which are : a circle, a square, a triangle and the rectangle of the tramezzini
  • To count the sides of the square and the triangle
  • To understand  that a circle has no sides
  • To explore the tastes and colours of two different types of jams
x x