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Our Project on the Czech Republic.

As part of our participation in the UEFA under 17 Football Tournament which is being hosted by Malta next May, our school was asked to prepare a project on the Czech Republic, with special focus on its culture, folklore and traditions. The Czech Republic is a mid-european country that joined the European Union on 1st May 2004, just like Malta.  Its capital city is Prague, which is condidered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  Our Head of School planned the project and delegated some work to the pupils in the upper classes.  Some pupils prepared some paintings while others had to do some research and computer work.  Some pupils researched about famous Czech personalities such as Vaclav Havel, Franz Kafka, Antonin Dvorak, Saint Wenceslaus, Martina Navratilova and Pavel Nedved. Others had to find out information about Prague and its places of interest.  We learned that Czechs are very famous for the production of crystal and beer. We learned about their traditional costumes and festivals. We also learned a lot of other interesting facts such as their food, their currency,  their government and their love for music. Others were asked to correspond with the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Naxxar in order to acquire pictures and information.  A word of thanks goes to all members of staff and the pupils who joined forces in order to set up the beautiful boards which now are on show in our school entrance.

On the 29th April officials from the MFA visited our school to assess the work the pupils proudly presented.

Being active together!

Tuesday the 11th February 2014 saw lots of fun and movement at SGPC Floriana Primary. Mr Ludvic Bartolo organised various sport activities for Years 1 – 4, which were held in the school yard. These activities were very well organised. There were various stations, each with different types of equipment, focusing on different skills like jumping, throwing, aiming, crawling etc. Each class had the opportunity to move from one station to another.   It was great fun seeing the children actively participate at each station and working together in teams. The children were really enthusiastic to participate and they really enjoyed it!

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Futsal Training 2011-2012

Futsal Training Year 5 2011-12

Sport plays an important role at our school. We learn through sports and we enjoy ourselves … growing is fun!

Fun Day 2010


It was a really brilliant idea to have this year’s Fun Day at the Cottonera Sports Complex.  The idea to have an indoor Fun Day came about since in the previous years, we had people complaining about the excessive heat and the harm brought about by having to stay outside in the sun for a long time.

All the pupils enjoyed the day as all took part in fun games organized by our PE Teacher Mr. Alan Ellul.  As the games approached their end, everyone enjoyed the games in which our teachers and the parents took part.  The teachers’ team won the relay race.  The tug of war was won by the parents, after they were given a helping hand by the pupils themselves!

Cereal bars and milk were distributed to all thanks to our sponsors.  At the end of the activity Ms. Sandra Hili, a Floriana Local Council Member distributed medals to one and all.