Message by HoS

Head of School

Stephen Miceli B.Ed. (Hons.) P.G. Dip. Ed. (Admin. & Mngt.)

Scholastic Year 2016-2017

Dear Parents and Colleagues,

Summer is almost over and it is time for yet another scholastic year to start!  As always our work has to be inspiring for all your children as learners entrusted to our care – we have to be thoughtful, caring, student focused and smart.  This will make our educational journey one of joy and fun! When the roller-coaster ride of the upcoming scholastic year gets us down, we are to recall these hopes and dreams!

I usually get a good chuckle when I think about the story of the perfect school: it is just a dream – it’s the school where no student has shown up yet. While I still think it’s pretty funny, I have to change the statement the bit. The perfect school is the one were all the students are always present – with all of their different backgrounds, their issues, their drama, their attitudes, their insights, their feelings and their energy. We all move closer to perfection because the students are with us and part of our lives.

Let us all remember that when it gets tough, we shall not blame the students. Our responsibility as parents and as teachers is to figure out which strategy will work with our children, because everyone comes with a different, compelling story. We are trying to change history, and although it is not easy, it will be rewarding. When it gets really tough, try to see the students they will become, not the students they are at that moment.

Let us also remember not to blame ourselves. Until we develop a personal connection with a child we have to look for help and support from colleagues and friends – we have a collective responsibility to serve each other as well as the students. We are not alone.

Also, we work to make a difference in the lives of every student we meet; however, not every student will succeed in the short time we have with them. This does not mean we can give up on kids; it reminds us not to blame ourselves when we cannot reach a student. Often, the life lessons we teach are not realized until the students are ready to learn them – maybe years after they have left your school.

Let us remember to laugh often, to cry when we need to, to have fun, to be inspired, make a positive difference, to have a great year and enjoy the ride.

May we all have a very good year!

Stephen Miceli
Head of School
9th September 2016

Scholastic Year 2015-2016

Welcome back to what, I hope, will prove to be yet another positive educational experience, full of challenges, nurturing positive personal relationships and the growth of each student in a sense of confidence and motivation.  At our school we all believe that the most effective school environment is the combination of place, purpose and people. All learning happens through and with these three factors that have to work together.  The physical structure that forms the school, the authenticity of the tasks that the students are asked to perform and the people: members of Staff and classmates are all focus points that are central to a level of education that we are all striving to achieve. We should all learn to love and love to learn.  With this spirit in our hearts and minds, at Floriana Primary School we work together as a team to help cultivate the God-given gifts and talents within each and every one of us,  in all areas, including the academic, the social-emotional, the spiritual, the artistic, and the physical aspects of human development.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School

Scholastic Year 2014-2015

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to scholastic year 2014 – 2015. I hope that you all had a good summer during which you rested, relaxed and found time for some enjoyment. I am very much looking forward to an exciting, productive and successful new year. Our school will, once again, provide a supportive and safe environment in which our children can find potential to grow academically, emotionally and socially.

This year our school has been chosen for an external review by the Quality Assurance Department within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education. Some educators will be coming to our school to observe the way in which we work. This exercise will involve all the stakeholders: the members of staff and the students and their parents. I am confident that this experience will be a positive one just like all the other wonderful experiences that form part of our school’s history.

As you know very well parents are their children’s first teachers. It is very important that all parents get positively involved in the school and give a contribution towards their children’s achievements and successes. There are many ways in which parents can get involved: join the School Council, attend meetings and activities, be present during celebrations and assemblies, help with homework and reading, give authentic feedback and be supportive.

Parents are also encouraged to visit our website regularly and post an occasional comment. It is very important to read and understand all circulars and follow the Linji Gwida, which were sent by post earlier this month.

I augur a wonderful year to one and all!

Stephen Miceli
Head of School

Scholastic Year 2013-2014

Thank you for taking the opportunity to view our website. I hope you find it an informative and appealing ‘first glance’ at San Gorg Preca College Floriana Primary School.

We have much to look forward to, yet we remain very conscious of our well-established aim: to offer a supportive, caring environment. At school, children are all provided with a wide range of opportunities – moral, intellectual, physical and cultural – into which they enter with boundless enthusiasm. Our accademic expectations are realistic and open-minded, and a dedicated team of teacher aims to find something special in everyone.

Floriana Primary is a remarkable school. If your only experience of it is a glimpse of this website, I urge you to pay us a visit. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and will feel immediately ‘at home’.

Stephen Miceli
Head of School