Christmas Novena – Day 8 – 23rd December

When the wise men came, they entered the house,
Found Jesus, Joseph and Mary, his spouse.
Presented their gifts, most precious we’re told
Frankincense, myrrh and a casket of gold.

Christmas Novena – Day 7 – 21st December

Some wise men came from far away
With gifts for a king they wished to convey.
They called with Herod – an evil king
But rival monarchs were not his thing!

Christmas Novena – Day 6 – 20th December

When the shepherds got there, this they found
A babe in a manger and straw on the ground.
Maybe they wondered, it’s obvious since
He didn’t look much like a royal prince!

Christmas Novena – Day 5 – 19th December

An angel came to shepherds that night.
It’s not surprising – they were filled with fright
“No need,” said he, “for such behaviour,
‘Cause tonight for you is born a Saviour!”

Christmas Novena – Day 4 – 18th December

God’s son in a manger,
Can anything be stranger?
A truly odd place for a baby to sleep.

A feeding trough for a cow or a sheep!