Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Fighting Back – the Climate Change issue

Floriana Primary tackle the Climate Change Issue

Soon after the second EkoSkola election was over, a new action plan was set. The previous action plans, namely Healthy Eating, The School Environment, The Three Rs and Energy Consumption were there to stay. It was also decided to tackle the topic of Climate Change.  The official launch of the Climate Change Project took place during a Special Assembly.  A power point presentation was shown explaining the basic idea of the project.  Everybody was entertained to a short film showing instances in our lives were more attention is to be paid as regards the emission of carbon dioxide.  Special songs on the theme of weather and climate were sung by one and all.

In January, to coincide with Arbor Day we planted a tree in the Mall Garden.  The choice fell on a Tetraclinus Articulata (an Gharghar Tree), our National Tree.  This event had a dual role as the tree is now there to commemorate the award of the Green Flag to our School and to give its share in the absorption of carbon dioxide.

Personnel from the HSBC Bank were invited over to the school in order to deliver talks to all the pupils on this topic.  WasteServ held story telling sessions and a puppet show to further instil in the pupils a deeper sense of awareness.

In order to reduce even more the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a tree planting ceremony was organized on the 17th of March 2010.  The Floriana Local Council handed over a stretch of land to the EkoSkola Committee with the goal of turning it into a Green Area.  The saplings that were growing in pots in our school yard were transferred to this area. The pupils got all enthusiastic whilst organizing this special event.  They wrote and sent e mails to the press.  They prepared hand drawn posters, making use of recycled paper and distributed them to all the shops in our locality.  A meeting with members from the Local Council was held and the pupils themselves talked about their worries and concerns.  The Local Council even handed over a slot on Radio Vilhena to be used by our School’s EkoSkola Committee.  Members of the Committee even got together and started writing scripts for these radio air times. The activity was a great success.