Monthly Archive for November, 2012

EkoSkola Delegates visit SGPC Floriana Primary

Thursday, 8th November Twenty Twelve will never be erased from our memory! Our school, San Gorg Preca College Floriana Primary which won the prestigious green flag twice in the past years, was chosen to host some of the delegates attending the EkoSkola National Operators Meeting held in Malta. People from Russia, Turkey, Bahamas, Mexico, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, South Africa and others were made very welcome at our school.

We were told about this visit a month before therefore we had quite some time to organise ourselves for this event. We all looked forward to it!!! The day arrived and we welcomed our guests with our daily songs. Two of the EkoSkola young members dressed up in Maltese traditional clothes, read a speech about our action taken in the past years and in the future to come. Our Headmaster and College Principal delivered a short speech each as well. The EkoSkola visitors tasted some Maltese traditional food which we prepared for them. The EkoSkola members took the visitors around the whole school and clearly explained to them about each and every room found in our school, which by the way happens to be the first building used as a school here in Malta. For this day we even made and gave each one of them a recycled souvenir representing our Maltese Cross, a copy of our School Annual Magazine and a bag from recycled material to be used as a shopping bag.

We really wished that this visit would never end and that we had more time to spend with them. We even wish to meet with this multicultural group of people again. This experience will always be engraved in our memory and in our hearts. We even learned many things about what other countries are doing and it is so very true that ‘we learn by doing.’

Casey Parnis, Nicole Debono, Kaylie Zammit, Bradley Debono, Rhone Mifsud Grech, Matteo Piscopo and Joseph Attard.
Floriana EkoSkola Members